Secomp - Catalog 2022/23

Offered benefits: • PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS FOR PROFESSIONAL USERS • Packings with EAN-Code and 6-Language-Sticker • Methodical Quality Inspections for all Products • 2 Years Warranty for all ROLINE Products • Free Marketing and Technical Support • All Products available from Stock • Bonded Warehouse • Best Prices Brands : ROLINE, ROLINE GOLD, VALUE and ROLINE GREEN for an eco-friendly environment Catalog 2022/2023 Your European Importer José Horstman Export Manager Leonarda Moccia Executive Assistant Stefan Petri Product Manager Annalena Greulich Export Administration Marius Sava Product Manager Mathias Spörr Shipping Department ROLINA Our charming Mascot Our Manager Team Our Administration Team ROLINE Partners SECOMP Companies Search for Partners